Why Mom Groups Are The Shit

Why Mom Groups Are The Shit
So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Facebook Groups are a thing.
You’re probably a part of at least one.
I’m a member of several, all for the different facets of my life:
Writing. Blogging. Freelance/Creatives. Girl/Feminist groups.
And last, but not least, Mom Groups.
Mom Groups, if you’re a Mom, or what we call TTC(Trying To Conceive)/in the adoption process… are THE SHIT.
Honestly, if you aren’t a part of one, you need to be.

Like now.


21st Century Moms are trying to be Superwoman these days. We have full-time jobs. Whether we are stay-at-home, working from home or working out of the home. And then we have all of our other roles to fill. Wife/Partner. Friend. Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Student. Entrepreneur. ETC…It can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to deal with. And, Real Talk, we don’t get to hang out with our friends that often.
In comes MOM groups to the rescue!

Reason #1: Literally, someone is ALWAYS there to talk.


So it’s 2 A.M and your baby is sick and you need to vent. Or you’re legit concerned if their behavior warrants an ER visit. Someone is going to be up with a baby that has sleep regression who can help you out. Chances are someone in the group is in the medical profession. These saints will let you know what is/isn’t normal, and will put your mind at ease. Or tell you to get your ass to the ER.

Reason #2: A lot of moms aren’t able to actually hang out other moms/humans.


It’s one of those things no one bothers to tell you isn’t a myth. And why your single/friends without kids think you’ve abandoned them. Mom’s…don’t get out much. It’s true. The singletons or you know, those smart people that don’t procreate aren’t exaggerating. In some ways, your life IS kind of over when you switch from not parent to parent.



We try, but the unwritten rule of mom life is as soon as you make plans, you get the flu the night before said plans. Or the baby gets HFM and you feel too guilty to leave so you cuddle up with your little instead. Or, real talk, you make an excuse the day of because you’re too damn tired. You know that if you get carried away and drink a tad too much wine, tomorrow is going to be HELL. The hell you don’t have the energy to deal with because you’re a mom now.
And Moms never stop.
Moms don’t get naps.





Moms work on some alternative plane of sleep exhaustion that no one else understands. And Mom Groups GET THIS. Mom Groups help us to feel connected. It’s our little secret refuge. Here you have access to a group of women all day long to vent to when in our real lives, we probably don’t get such a luxury. Mom groups are self-care.

Reason #3: It’s not JUST about Mom Stuff


We aren’t always talking about our kids and their bowel habits. Although poop talk happens. Complete with pictures. So thank Mom Groups that you aren’t seeing that on your normal feed. But we don’t just talk about our kids.


Being a mom is a complete transformation from your childless self. And it’s not easy. It’s hard fucking work. You don’t stop being a person. You don’t stop being a partner to your significant other. You still have goals and dreams and passions that exist outside of just “being a mom”.


But it’s easy for those parts of you to get a little lost in the shuffle of trying to live up to this ‘Mom’ expectation. It’s easy for you to lose those other facets of yourself when you’re consumed by the black hole of diapers and 4 AM feedings.


And you’re never not exhausted. Mom groups GET IT. We’re your cheerleaders. Your support system. We have your back, and we help to put things into perspective when life seems to be spiraling out of control.
BONUS REASON? There’s definitely someone in there to hook you up with that LuLaRoe obsession of yours.


So here’s to all the Mom Groups out there.




We don’t know what we ever did without you.



Are you in a mom group?
Or another support group on Facebook?
Why or why not?
Let’s chat!