WIP Status Update: March 2017

WIP March 2017




I did it. OK. FINE. I ALMOST DID IT. I’m currently writing the LAST CHAPTER of my Work In Progress! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Honestly. According to Scrivener’s Project Compile Stats, I’m coming in at a little over 68 THOUSAND words and should end up with a final first draft word count of a little over 70K(give or take).


I’m pretty damn pleased with myself, truth be told. I definitely had my moments where I felt like either giving up or that it would never be finished, BUT HERE WE ARE! *squeal*


Don’t get me wrong, the work is FAR from over on my little labor of love. I know for a fact that the middle portion of the novel is going to need A LOT of work. Editing and revisions just might kill me. But I have a base, and that’s the most important thing.


You can’t edit something that doesn’t exist, after all.

I have an established beginning, middle, and end…And while it very well may be a steaming, tree hundred page pile of excrement, I can polish that shit into GOLD. Hopefully. Fingers crossed, guys.





After I’m finished with this chapter in the next couple of days, I’ll take a break, create a game plan, and then do a read through. Stock my house with a shit ton of chocolate…And hopefully not emotionally die on the inside.


I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo for the month of April, which will help to kick start the editing/revision process. I set my goal for 50 hours, which breaks down to a 1.6 hours a day of work. A goal that I feel is fairly achievable, all things considered.


I’m also coming in towards the end of my pregnancy, so this will give me a nice little push before I get too tired/uncomfortable/bring another human into the world/never sleep again. Arguably, I figure that May and June will be pretty slow progress wise(and by slow I mean probably nothing, thanks to High-Risk Pregnancy MD Protocol), which is totally fine and OK. After Camp, I plan on taking a Work In Progress hiatus + send out my manuscript to a few trusted Betas. And in the meantime, hopefully, the husband and I can agree on a name for tiny human number two.


Otherwise, she’s coming home as Baby Girl. IDGAF. I’ll tell people that I just really love the movie Dirty Dancing.


I figure a nice break will help to refresh my mind and give everyone in my family a chance to adjust to a newborn. Maybe put a dent in that monstrous TBR list? A girl can dream, right?


Once we’re all settled and recovered again, my goal is to complete another round of editing and rewrites by September. And by this time next year (hopefully), I’ll feel confident enough to start pitching to agents for representation.


(That’s the big goal, anyway.)

We shall see. Time will tell.


Thanks for joining me on this journey!

What are YOUR writing goals for the next few months/year?

Are you participating in CampNaNoWriMo this April?

Have any editing advice?

Let’s chat!