The 6 Best Fiction Bloggers You Must Follow (Like Yesterday)





If there is one thing I could change about my writing journey, it’s this:


I regret not getting involved in the online writing community sooner. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the inspiration, encouragement, and tough love of some of these women(and others that I’ve met through their own respective communities), I probably would have given up on my WIP(again).


It’s hard being a fiction writer. It’s a solitary, and at times isolating activity. And honestly? Most people won’t understand(or sometimes even respect) what you do. You need writer friends. You need a community to push you to keep writing. And if you don’t have that in your area, or don’t have the means to get involved in one in the real world, I implore you to get involved online.


And here’s a few of my favorites to get you started, writer friend. You’re welcome.


1. Kristen Keifer |


Kristen Keifer is the brains behind the operation at, which is on The Write Life’s list of top 100 websites for writers. She’s currently working on revisions to two different Speculative Fiction series, hosts a Twitter Chat on Wednesday’s(#storysocial), and has a plethora of knowledge behind her belt that she doles out in weekly blog posts about the craft. All while publishing her own fiction planning workbooks, Kristen is a writing coach as well and has amassed a pretty decent following. She’s also super approachable and might love Tolkien a little too much. Check her out and join the chat sometime if you can. You won’t regret it.
2. Faye Kirwin |



Faye Kirwin is a fiction writer and writing coach from across the pond, who also has a degree in Psychology and merges those two loves into what is Seriously, if you’re struggling to dig DEEP with your characters or plot, Faye is your girl. All of her articles are well researched, and force you to explore the realms of your imagination. She also hosts a twitter chat on Sundays(#Storycrafter), her WriteChain Challenge to keep you accountable, and a TON of resources. Seriously. Start following her now. Right now.
3. KM Weiland |


KM Weiland is living the writing dream. She’s the best-selling author of several books on the craft of writing and has also published speculative and historical fiction novels as well. Her blog focuses on anything and everything you need to structure your novel. Her website has been featured on several lists of Best Of websites from writers on sites like Writer’s Digest and The Write Life. She also has her own podcast and youtube channel.
4. EM Welsh |

EM Welsh covers EVERYTHING Storytelling and isn’t just limited to novels. She delves into the recipes of great storytelling from movies, plays, and even video games. She’s also a writing coach and really encourages writers to explore the unknown or uncharted territory when it comes to creating our stories. You don’t want to miss out on her material.



5. EA Deverell |

Eva’s site is about all things writing. She writes short stories, poetry, and is also the writing instructor behind She posts weekly writing worksheets and has a weekly write in on her youtube channel. Her knowledge is invaluable, and I honestly don’t know how she does it all. She must not sleep. I’m really grateful that I discovered her!



6. Tomi Adeyemi |

Tomi Adeyemi is an inspiration. She recently signed a big publishing/film adaption deal for her YA fantasy series Children of Blood and Bone that sounds wicked, and I can’t wait to read/watch it. (And YA isn’t really my thing to begin with most of the time, so that’s saying something.) She 200% deserves all the buzz she’s been receiving lately. Her website is also a rated a top 100 website for writers, she teaches writing courses and writes about the writing journey. And her writing prompts are something else.

What writing bloggers do you follow?

Are you a member of any writing communities that I didn’t mention?

Let’s chat in the comments!