The Four Best Podcasts for Writers





Podcasts are one of my new favorite things. Podcasts are great for kicking the drudgery out of life’s minor inconveniences like long commutes, laundry or dishes. Or an alternative to music while you’re working out. Whatever your listening preference, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Podcasts that I feel are the best. Specifically for bookworms, writers and other creatives.


1)  The Babysitter’s Club Club


This is a new one for me, but has ascended to the top of my list of favorite podcasts. Honestly, I’m jealous that I wasn’t clever enough to come up with such a brilliant premise for a podcast.


Also low key annoyed that loved ones didn’t tell me about this sooner.

[You know who you are.]


So, The Babysitter’s Club Club.


It’s a podcast hosted by Jack & Tanner that seriously discusses and dissects every Babysitter’s club book. Yeah. It’s as awesome as it sounds.


Two grown men critiquing and analyzing a series of books that I read when I was in middle school? Sign me up! Listening to them almost compels me to re-read the series. Almost. 

Not only are these guys hilarious, but they dig DEEP into the inner workings of the entire Babysitter’s Club crew. 

During their weekly hour discussion, they come up with a plethora of supernatural theories that are simultaneously compelling and entertaining. And somehow manage to tie them all together.


2) Harry Potter & The Sacred Text



This podcast is a must for anyone who loves Harry Potter. Vanessa and Casper, two divinity students, delve into a chapter by chapter analysis into the Harry Potter series to glean profound truths as if it was a sacred text like The Bible.

 Each week, they each complete a thirty second recap of the chapter. And then proceed to dig into a critical analysis of the chapter through the lens of a different theme. Sort of like a Psalms or devotion. But Harry Potter.


A weekly, thirty minute Harry Potter bible study.


As someone who has read the entire series multiple times, this fresh take on the series challenges you to explore a beloved series in a way that reveres insightful applications to daily life.


3) Hello,  from The Magic Tavern


Hello from The Magic Tavern is comedy gold for anyone who’s into Fantasy/Science Fiction in any capacity whatsoever. The premise is that the host, Arnie Niekamp, fell through a mystical portal that he discovered behind the back of a Burger King. And now he’s stuck in the magical land of Foon.


But it’s cool. Inexplicably, he has access to Wi-Fi. And can update us on the magical happenings from a magical tavern where he interviews all sorts of Monsters, Wizards, Centaurs, Elves and nefarious underlings of The Dark Lord.


It’s pretty much what would happen if Monty Python, Lord of the Rings and Jimmy Fallon had a podcast baby.



4) 88 Cups of Tea



88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang is like spending an hour with a best friend over coffee (or tea), and gushing over ALL THINGS WRITING. From interviewing famous authors about their creative processes to discussing script writing to everything you need to know about freelance writing, Yin Chang has you covered. 

88 Cups is imperative listening for any serious writer out there. Especially if you lack the time available to be an active member in a writing community.


Tuning in weekly to these podcasts has become a highlight of my week.

Definitely check these programs out if you are looking for some inspiration, reflection, or a dash of comedic relief.

What podcasts do you listen to?

Any podcasts that I should check out?

Let me know in the comments!